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WHAT THE HECK IS SWITCHEL? Switchel is a non-alcoholic elixir from the late 17th century! It’s made with four nutrient-dense ingredients: water, ginger, apple-cider-vinegar and an unrefined sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Other popular names for switchel include: switchy, swizzle, haymaker’s punch, nature’s Gatorade, lumberjack soda, and the new kombucha.

IS SWITCHEL KOMBUCHA? No, not quite. Kombucha is a fermented health drink that uses entirely different ingredients like cane sugar and green tea. While we do use one fermented ingredient - apple cider vinegar - switchel is not traditionally fermented or carbonated and we don't use tea as a starter for microbes.

IS SWITCHEL A SHRUB? What is a shrub, you ask? Technically, a shrub is what you call any fruit and vinegar based drink. Nowadays, you can find shrubs sold nearly anywhere, especially in liquor stores, as many are sold as concentrates. So, yes, traditionally speaking switchel is a very specific type of shrub.

IS SWITCHEL A CONCENTRATE? Switchel is an RTD (ready to drink) beverage, so feel free to sip it straight out of the jar! While we have crafted our recipes to be perfect for you right off the shelf, we know there are so many ways to utilize our elixir. Switchel is great hot, cold, or with a little seltzer — AND an excellent mixer in your next cocktail or mocktail.

WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT TO DRINK? While there are many recommendations out there on the benefits of apple cider vinegar and ginger — the amount of switchel that you can drink depends on the individual. Some people like to drink a jar a day, while others may only take a swig or two each morning. Everyone is different, so find the quantity that suits you and your body! Unlike some beverages, switchel is low in sugar and calories — so feel free to drink with ease of mind knowing that you’ve got a healthy and delicious beverage for any time of day.

DO YOU HAVE ANY COCKTAIL RECIPES FOR ME? Well matter of fact, yes, we do! Check out our MIXOLOGY page for some tried and true ways to craft up your next beverage. If you’re in a rush and trying to check out at the liquor store, then we’d suggest grabbing a local bottle of vodka, bourbon, tequila, gin, rum and a six pack of citra-hop IPA! OK, just grab it all - who are we kidding, it’s all good in switchel.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO DRINKING SWITCHEL? Switchel is more than just a trendy health beverage making a splash on the scene — it is a hydrating tonic with a long history of use as an all-natural thirst-quencher. It’s flavorful, yet light and refreshing, and the ingredients are nutrient rich and packed with an energy boost.

CAN YOU DRINK SWITCHEL HOT? Absolutely. In fact, pour one of our bottles into your kettle right now, turn the stove on, and let it warm. This is a tasty treat for your nasty winter or rainy-season cold. 

HOW MANY FLAVORS DO YOU HAVE? Currently, we craft brew three flavors: The Haymaker (honey cinnamon), Orange Maple (warm and zesty), and Lavender Lemon (light and floral).

WHERE DO YOU SOURCE YOUR INGREDIENTS? We use a curated list of ingredients in all our products, and many, if not all, are Certified Organic. We believe in supporting local and source from small farmers across WI or MN whenever possible.

All of our flavors are soon to be USDA Certified Organic. As a part of the organic certification you can also rest assured all ingredients are non-GMO. All of our switchels are also gluten-free — with one vegan-friendly option (our Orange Maple). So don’t worry, we’ve got a switchel suited for everyone. 

IS SWITCHEL CAFFEINE FREE? Yep, you betcha! But you can count on apple cider vinegar and our unrefined sweeteners to put a little pep in your step. Our switchel is also gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, and paleo friendly. 

HOW LONG DOES SWITCHEL STAY FRESH? As a vinegar based drink with all natural ingredients, a sealed bottle or growler of switchel can stay shelf stable for up to one year. Once opened, you can keep us fresh in the fridge for up to six months. We pop a Use By date on the bottom of every bottle, so you know exactly when your switchel needs to be consumed.

WHAT SIZES DO YOU SELL? We sell 16 oz. bottles at all our local storefronts, co-ops and farmers markets. Find our listing of local retailers here.

If you are looking for our 64 oz. growler size, we sell new growlers and do refills at all our local MN farmers markets/events. We are now also able to share our switchel in 5 gallon kegs, which are available on tap at a few local breweries as a delicious N/A tap option. If you are looking for a unique drink option for your next party or celebration, consider our switchel the perfect compliment! If we aren’t sold at your favorite spot, please email us and tell us your recommended retailers.

CAN WE ORDER BOTTLES ONLINE? We’ve partnered with Garage Grown Gear, another local MN start up, who can send you a jar or two whenever adventure calls. We’ve also just launched on Amazon, so if you’re a Prime member, head that way and pick up a case!